is an online hobby antiquarian bookshop near Utrecht in the Netherlands. We are online for more than 10 years. Retrobook provides services under the following general terms.

You can order by sending an e-mail to (or use the contact form) with the order number(s), and the address to which the order should be sent.
As soon as possible, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail with all further information.
Retrobook requests payment in advance by PayPal (international/Europe) or bank transfer (Europe). You will receive a PayPal or other receipt
All books are pre-owned. Books are complete and are in normal antiquarian state, unless otherwise described. Small imperfections, such as a stamp, slight discoloration, a pictorial ex libris or a name on one of the pages, are not always mentioned. The condition of prints and posters will be described in detail in the confirmation mail.

We use the following international standard to indicate book conditions. Please note that we focus on the condition of the cover. Retrobook does not sell book covers in poor condition, that means a cover so damaged that it is only of interest to a buyer who seeks an impression of the book cover. A fine book cover is as new but allowing for the normal effects of time on an unused book that has been protected. A fine book cover shows no damage. A very good book cover may show some small signs of wear, but no tears and no darkening or fading. A good book cover describes the average used worn book. The book may show signs of wear or shelf wear and/or may be slight sunned or faded. In general a good cover will have no tears or dog-ears. A fair book cover shows signs of wear or shelf wear, will possibly have small tears and some fading or is sunned. In general the cover is not chipped, or it will be noted.

Shipment worldwide is from the Netherlands. On all prices on the website we add PostNL mailing costs. An order of more than one book can be combined. In general, we will ship the order the same day the PayPal transfer is received. However we cannot guarantee that a buyer will receive the order on a specific day. If the order has to be sent as a parcel, we will use a track & trace option. We ship the order well packed and will sent prints and posters in a poster roll. A buyer may ask for additional services. For example a registered shipment or a shipment to another address. We guarantee that we deliver all orders to PostNL or any other postal services, but exclude any responsibility of the shipping risk.

If a buyer of print / poster requests a certificate of authenticity (COA), we will forward a COA describing the item and presenting our indications to state that it is an original print or poster as described on the website. In case the quality of the book or print/poster differs significantly from the way it was described on the site and/or in the return mail, the client can inform us by e-mail within 5 days after receiving the order. In that case, the client has the right to return the product and will be reimbursed for the costs.
Retrobook prefers e-mail correspondence. Phone contact, however, is in principle possible. We cannot guarantee continuous presence for contact. Absence will be mentioned on the website.

Please note that offers by Retrobook are not binding. It may happen that a book, print or poster was ordered through another channel and the site has not yet been updated. An offer on the site may be withdrawn within three working days after receipt of an order by Retrobook.
This site, and the description of the books, prints and posters is given great care. However, we cannot guarantee that the site always functions properly, and cannot guarantee that product information is always complete, or general information is always up to date.

The liability of Retrobook for a breach of any performance is limited to direct damages up to an amount equal to the price stipulated for that performance. Liability for indirect damages such as consequential loss, lost profits or lost savings is excluded.

The rights of the book covers and print/poster pictures as shown on the website belong to the original copyright owners. Covers are shown as an information service to users of the website. We respect the rights of others. In case you feel we violate rights from others, please contact us. All rights related to the web application belong to the owner of Retrobook.

It is possible that Retrobook also offers books, prints or posters on other online channels. However we guarantee the lowest price on this website.

Enjoy your books, print or poster!

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