Dick Bruna poster / print  Trommelaartje

Little drummer boy

Dick Bruna


translated title: Little drummer boy


screen print|103|original signature by hand in pencil|A

text in dutch

This is an original screen-print of a stamp design, Dick Bruna made for a children's charity. The screen-print was made for a publishing firm. On the bottom there is the text "For friends and relations of publishing firm Excellent". On the right of this text is the original signature and number 103. Remarkable lively red color as background and color for the child. Striking yellow drum. The text is "Nederland 20 +10 C", which means: Holland, a stamp of 20 cents with 10 cents for the charity

730 mm x 540 mm

price : on request

order# : screen print drummer1969

state: A Signature Dick Bruna by hand in pencil. Numbered 103