Dick Bruna poster / print  't is weer pocket-weer *

Lousy weather again. Black Bear weather

Dick Bruna

't is weer pocket-weer *

translated title: Lousy weather again. Black Bear weather

Bruna & Sons 1989

original poster|signature in press|B+
ISBN: 1131715217

text in dutch

Just an umbrella with the text Lousy weather again - Black Bear weather. It is a word joke in Dutch. The expression is pokken weer (small pox weather). The signature "dick" is on the right top. The original design is from (about) 1966. This poster edition was made by Bruna & Sons to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the Black Bear series in 1990.

600 mm x 450 mm

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original poster pocketweather1989

state: B+ Pinholes at the bottom and a horizontal crease at the bottom