Dick Bruna poster / print  Zwart Beertje aan de wand

Black Bear on the wall

Dick Bruna

Zwart Beertje aan de wand

translated title: Black Bear on the wall

A.W. Bruna & Son 1964

original Black Bear poster|signature in press|A

The original poster of Black Bear on the Wall is from 1964. It is one of the first posters made by Dick Bruna for the Black Bear paperback book series. This poster is printed on thin paper. It shows black bear in a picture frame on the wall. The wallpaper is decorated with little bears, the logo of the books series. Signed at the right bottom of the black bear. The clear signature also distinguishes it from later art prints of this design.

600 mm x 450 mm

price : on request

order# : original Black Bear poster originalwall1964

state: A