Dick Bruna poster / print  Lezen bij het raam

Reading near the window

Dick Bruna

Lezen bij het raam

translated title: Reading near the window

Bruna & Sons 1968

original Black Bear poster|signature in press|A

text in dutch

Perhaps the most striking design by Dick Bruna for promotion of the Black Bear book series. Black background with a window brightly lit by a lamp under which black bear is reading. The original design is from 1968. This poster edition was made to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the Black Bear series in 1990.

"This is one of the last posters I created for the BB pocketbooks. When Black Bear was so popular in the Netherlands that I did not had to add any explaining text".

600 mm x 450 mm

price : on request

order# : original Black Bear poster lamp1968

state: A