Dick Bruna poster / print  Boerin

Farmer's wife

Dick Bruna


translated title: Farmer's wife

Van Rossum 1975

art print with silk screen technique|original signature by hand in pencil|A

Early art print of Dick Bruna depicting a farmer's wife collecting eggs from her chickens. This is one of five prints issued 'for the children's room'. These are considered to be the first prints Dick Bruna made for the market. Typical Dick Bruna is that the character looks at the viewer. Signed in press at the right bottom, and - very special - by the artist in pencil at the left bottom. It is described that the contour lines have been lithographed but for all colors the silk-screen technique was used.

400 mm x 600 mm

price : on request

order# : art print with silk screen technique farmerswife1975

state: A