Dick Bruna poster / print  Kleine ridder (originele versie)

Little knight (original version)

Dick Bruna

Kleine ridder (originele versie)

translated title: Little knight (original version)

Van Rossum, Utrecht 1975

art print with silk screen technique|original signature by hand in pencil |B+

A cool little knight with flaming sword, shield and helmet. Please note that this is the original little knight with more or less old-fashioned clothes. Dick Bruna changed it a bit in later prints. Signed in press at the right bottom, and - very special and hardly seen - by the artist in pencil at the left bottom. The contour lines have been lithographed but for all colors the silk-screen technique was used. This print is part of a small series that were first prints that were issued by Dick Bruna for the market.

600 mm x 400 mm

price : on request

order# : art print with silk screen technique originalknight1975

state: B+ Fine condition, lively colors, no paper loss. some rust dots on paper.