Dick Bruna poster / print  Success


Dick Bruna


translated title: Success

Groningen Museum 1996


text in dutch

This is a portfolio "Dick Bruna. The smell of success" with 24 cardboard mini posters. Issued by Groningen Museum related to an exhibition. The posters show the work of Dick Bruna in high quality and lively colors. The posters include a poster of the exhibition itself (the design of the of the Black Bear poster "Reading under lamp"); 3 mini-posters of Black Bear posters; 5 posters of Black Bear book cover designs, 4 mini-posters of Miffy, and 11 mini-posters with other charming designs of Dick Bruna. The mini posters are excellent for framing. Portfolio and posters are in mint state.

340 mm x 245 mm

price : Euro 125.00

order# : portfolio success1996