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This website is of interest for collectors of graphic design by Dick Bruna. Dick Bruna, well known for his Miffy children books, designed from 1957 till 1970 famous book covers in the "Black Bears" book series of publishing house Bruna & Son in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

In these book cover designs Dick Bruna experimented with collage and montage. He was influenced by Matisse, Leger and Mondrian in the development of his unique style. These clear designed covers became trade-marks of the publishing company; they were so iconical that they needed no words to convey messages intended for publicity. The book covers are considered a landmark in international graphic design.

On this website you will find vintage Black Bears Books and Posters and Screen Prints, designed by Dick Bruna. You can order the original used books, posters and prints with Dick Bruna design shown on this website. One book in stock is (with a few exceptions) Euro 4,50. A book not in stock is Euro 5,50. Black Bear posters are very scarce and this effects prices. Prices of printscreens, especially the limited edtions, are rising quickly. Please find more information in the FAQ.